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Am a big fan of the concept of nose to tail cuisine and i love fergus henderson‘s food, but i grew up with this concept way before i’d heard of him. If you are going to kill a beast for food the least you can do is use every part possible (see previous post). With this in mind i was somewhat excited to find venison tongue at the farmers market on Saturday (a first for me), which i steeped for 24 hours in a strong salt and sugar brine. I then boiled the tongues in some stock flavoured with onion, carrot, garlic, bay leaf and pepper corns etc until tender and the skin comes away easily (about 1 hour 40 mins). I then put them in a bowl under a weighted plate to press them down overnight in the fridge. The next day i sliced the now nicely compacted meat  thinly and made a piedmont style salsa verde to go with it (chop lots of parsley, anchovies, cooked egg yolk, bread soaked in a little vinegar, capers, a little garlic and then glug in some olive oil till it reaches the consistency you want…). The tongues fed 2 of us and cost around £2.50, it also made a great stock to which i am going to use to stew some hare i bought at the same market.

Venison Tongue with salsa verde (Marguerite Patten style overblown, over saturated 70’s kodak colour – resulting in slightly ugly looking but good tasting food – is entirely accidental).

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