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one boy and his dog…

Normally the kids here (especially in the village) start to pose and mug as soon as they see i have a camera…this kid instead was seriously nonchalant, which made for a good photo i think…


Beautiful graphic for a meals project at a small village school:


Seriously decorated auto-rickshaw (below), the price from Buddawaram to Gannavaram (about 5km) has gone up by one rupee, it now costs 6 rupees (6p) for a shared ride (and they pack a LOT of people into these tiny vehicles), or you can pay 50 rupees (around 60p) to have it to yourself…i usually take the shared option…


weird religion & evening constitutional…

took my evening constitutional to the neighbouring village…as ever i garnered a lot of attention…but i walk a lot around here so hopefully the palaver will die down…there was a bit of a religious bent to this one (a legacy of italian missionaries who came here in the 1940’s)

proud mary emerges from a stagnant lake

zombie pose jesus, behind you!

politics and religion

jesus christ express lorry service

At first i thought these were chillies drying in the sun but on closer inspection i found it to be meat and a lot of flies…not sure how it dehydrates in this humidity.

…and a whole new series of Requested Portraits begins – photographs taken at the behest of the subject


I like to get up early, especially when i am away from home. Generally if you go out at 6.30 am, no matter how busy the place, the streets are mostly empty and you see things quietly in your own time. Here is not like that. If i go outside the orphanage at 6.30 am, EVERYONE is already up, and its not just that people are up early to work in less heat, there is that of course, but the men who sit and hang out at all the crossroads of the villages ALL day, in the heat and in the cool, from dawn dill dusk are also present. They are just UP. So walks become different fragmented affairs, as you are stopped a lot. Any child you pass wants their photo taken, and also many adults, then they want to see the photo, and everyone laughs. Its very hard to take any natural pictures at this time as people pull themselves up, stand straight and smile for the camera. All the photos below come from direct requests to have a photo taken.


requested photos



the band…

Came across the local village band. They play weddings and functions. They insisted on playing a song. The noise was  spectacular, and for 7am very very loud. Need to carry video camera with me at all times.

And again, everyone calls you “mummy” i thought this was just a thing of the orphanage, but its outside too, and sometimes it comes from adults. It is SO strange and every time it happens it feels odd.

2 kinds of rush hour