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after the storm…

…dawn in the countryside just outside Rome after a night of thunder and lightening – corrugated iron roof so the sound effects were spectacular…

another foraging post tomorrow…


looking down to look up…

Some pictures of the weather using some puddles in the meadows…, its raining right now as i post this by the way…and its 1˚C…and its windy…did i mention it was cold?



stormy weather…

weather closing in, no tripod (as usual) and a dying battery with one shot left, arghhhh…

the weather…again

The weather, like everywhere has not followed normal patterns here. At this time of year (harvest time) it should be dry and temperate, in the 20’s. Instead it has been in the 30’s with 100% humidity with frequent torrential rain and storms. Subsequently the crops either do not fully mature and start to go black, or if already cut they lie black and mouldy in the fields. The farmers lose everything and the suicide rates (already high) go up.

sunday and the weather…

The weather has changed and it has started raining intermittently, the humidity barometer now reads at 102% (is this possible, should i now be swimming??) There are huge puddles everywhere, its fine here in the campus where everything is clean, but anywhere outside it is a bit of a health challenge…can’t begin to imagine what it is like during monsoon season. Sunday is the only day the kids don’t go to school, so they are everywhere: playing, studying for exams, going to church (like i said, there are a lot of christian/catholic indians here…)

around the campus:



“da carlo” the orphanage barber (spot the italian influence)


coal fired iron


The kitchen: that huge grindy machine bottom right grinds coconut into a paste for curries.


babies home – standing: zoe and abby (some have indian some anglo names), zoe is HIV positive and abby arrived here in a terrible state last year having been tortured by her grandmother.