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some of the mushrooms may be radioactive…

I love a bit of foraging me, but have always avoided mushroom hunting as it seems to be really the territory for someone who REALLY knows what they are doing…i mean potential liver failure and/or death just for eating the wrong kind of wild mushrooms…well it’s really not worth it…and the Xerocomus, badius – below were labelled radioactive!

wild mushrooms from Biella

wild mushrooms from Biella

So i was kite flying amongst the clouds in the local Bielmonte mountains (this will be another post) and i found this marvellous display in front of one of the eateries up there…all from the Biella area. Click on the thumbnails below for a better look:

Anyway for now my lack of expertise does not stop me from enjoying looking at them and one day i hope to go wild mushroom hunting with an expert…until then i will merely enjoy the view.

storms and mushrooms…

The weather is erratic and mercurial here in Biella, with lots of violent thunderstorms. After this one we lost internet and phones for half a day…

The weather has caused vivid green and much dampness in one of my favourite local paths for walking. Along Gorgomora i found an incredible array of wild funghi springing up after the rain…

Am still trying to identify this amazing purple monster…so far no one i have shown it to knows what it is…

tiny, delicate ink caps, like little flowers…

…again am trying to identify…for sure i will be eating absolutly NONE of them, but am going back to find more…

Oozing fungus (nice) grows from a fallen log, it looks like something very ancient or some kind of alien life…

foraging 2…

I know a bit about food but this has been a revelation, this foraging lark, not like growing/rearing your own food (which i know well, which i grew up with)…this is a new skill to learn, now you have to become a bit of a detective…but its easy here in the Italian countryside with someone who knows what he is talking about and in a relatively “safe” patch of land. Researching into foraging in Scotland, i keep finding scary stories of middle class dinner parties going awry with people ending up on dialysis machines due to eating the wrong kind of mushrooms (allegedly experienced foragers too!!!! click here for THAT full story) think i will steer clear of the fungi for now, but am definitely going to give the rest of it a go.

More stuff we found:

Garlic mustard, you eat the leaves in a salad, they taste mildly of garlic.

Dandelions (dente di leone – get their name from their leaves that are characterised by jaggy lions teeth shaped edges), along with nettles are probably the easiest thing to find, cos we all know what they look like. You can eat the flowers and the young tender leaves in salads, but the fields are full of similar faux yellow dandeliony looking plants. One of the ways to tell if its a real dandelion is the hollow stem.

THE HAUL…including, wild asparagus, pungitopo*, garlic mustard, silver beet (cultivated) wild garlic/chives, a kind of chicory…recipes to follow in the next day or two

For a much more comprehensive and expert guide to foraging click here


* pungitopo seems to have lots of common names in english like: Butcher’s Broom, Kneeholy, Knee Holly, Kneeholm, Jew’s Myrtle, Sweet Broom, Pettigree, none of which i had heard of before. Anyway its hardy, it thrives in shady situations and is found in the UK so look for it!

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