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albariño wine genius…

This is Miro…and he is most definitely a wine genius…

He is a small production artisan wine producer in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia (north west Spain). He makes albariño wine, as did his father and grandfather before him.

My dad makes the round trip of some 250+ km every few months to buy his wine for his restaurant. When you go, of course you have to taste the produce…even if it is 10 in the morning!!!

I know this wine very well, but every time I come back here is an affirmation that it is truly the best white wine I have ever drunk (even after 5 years in Italy). It is produced in Galicia and Portugal and the characteristics of a good albariño is that it should be fruity, ever so slightly acidic and full-bodied. Miro’s particular albariño also has a distinctive yellow colour due to the much longer maceration process of the fruit, as opposed to a faster, more industrial process.

Miro also makes Agauardiente (quite literally means “burning water”, and is not dissimilar to grappa) from 2 big old copper stills, where grape skins are heated and the fumes that come off them are distilled into Agauardiente, the smell is intoxicating…

…and he also has two pet crows and a tame magpie that hop around the yard…

He reminds me a lot of some of the producers I have met over the years in Italy (see lost in pettinengo post/cheese genius…), It’s all about passion for your product, time and patience and you (the consumer) have to be in the right place at the right time…I feel very privileged to have had this experience…

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