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salone di milano 2011

“Nice Ball’ by Paola Pivi (bloody terrible title!)

Lots of posts to follow about the Salone, a city-wide furniture and design fair held in Milan every year. Could not go last year because of a certain pesky volcano in Iceland…Reminds me a bit of Edinburgh during the festival when suddenly you get to peek inside every nook and cranny of the city that is otherwise closed to you. Best thing about the Salone though is it’s all free (if you avoid the vast but tedious “official” Salone in the city outskirts of Rho)

Some things i saw:


click on any of the above to get a better view

Taken in the one of the courtyards of the Milan Università Statale

Chair made from rolled up newspaper, part of a Chinese installation, from the China Redstar Design Award.

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